Chichester Local Plan Review 2034

When Chichester District Council adopted the "Chichester Local Plan Key Policies (2014-2029)" in July 2015 the Inspector required the District Council to complete a review within five years to make sure sufficient housing is planned along with other policies to protect the environment and secure appropriate infrastructure and employment to meet the needs of the area. This work will form the Chichester Local Plan Review 2034. Further information can be found about this process on the District Council's Local Plan Review 2034 page of its website

That Review is underway and the additional housing numbers for the Chichester District are now known with 1250 new dwellings needed in Southbourne. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be supporting the Parish Council in determining where best to incorporate the additional housing and new infrastructure within the parish. 

At its meeting on 29 January 2019, the Parish Council agreed responses, subject to some minor amendments and additions to the Local Plan Preferred Approach consultation. The finalised responses were submitted to Chichester District Council on 4 February 2019.