Committees and Outside Bodies


Planning Committee

Mr Bulbeck, Mr Feltham, Mr Hicks,   and Miss Tait. 

For further information about the work of Planning Committee click here.

 Members of the public are also welcome to attend meetings of the Planning Committee that are held on a Tuesday usually over a three-week cycle (allowing for public holidays or annual leave) at the St John's Church Centre, Main Road, Southbourne at 6.30 p.m. The public may comment on planning applications before the Committee in the "Open Forum" of those meetings.

Finance & General Purposes Advisory Committee

Mr Bulbeck (Chairman), Mr Ferguson, Mr Hayes, Mr Hicks, Mr Jennings, Miss Tait 

Recreation Advisory Committee

Mrs Bulbeck (Chairman), Mr Bulbeck, Mr Ferguson,  Miss Tait  

Outside Bodies

 The Parish Council has appointed the Councillors to the following outside bodies in accordance with their constitutions:

Westbourne and Southbourne Joint Burial Committee - Mr Bulbeck, Mrs Bulbeck, Mr Feltham, Mr Ferguson and Mr Hayes.

Bournes Forum - Mr Brown and Mr Hicks 

West Sussex Association of Local Councils - Mr Ferguson and Mr Hicks

Southbourne Village Hall Management Committee - Mrs Bulbeck

Friends of Maybush Copse - Mr Gowlett

Henry Smith Charity Trustees - Mr Bulbeck, Mrs Bulbeck and Miss Tait