Types of Funerals

There are two main types of funeral: burials (interments) or cremations.  A third choice is the donation of the body for research or education; details of this can be obtained from any medical school but must be made in advance.

Burials at Westbourne Cemetery are available to anyone who has either purchased a grave space (plot) in advance or at the time of need when arranging a funeral.  Additionally, subject to certain conditions, interments are available for those who have legally inherited a grave space with remaining Exclusive Rights of Burial.  Grave spaces can be purchased in advance by contacting Westbourne & Southbourne Joint Burial Committee (tel: 01243 373667 or  who will discuss your requirements and explain the available options.  Purchases made at the time of need are usually arranged through a Funeral Director although individuals can of course choose to make their own arrangements.

Religious and Non-religious Funerals

Westbourne & Southbourne Joint Burial Committee respects the customs and traditions of those of all faiths and of none.  Please discuss any specific requirements you may have with your Funeral Director or the Clerk to Westbourne Cemetery if you are making your own arrangements.

Exclusive Right of Burial

Grave spaces in Westbourne Cemetery can be purchased with a 75-year Exclusive Right of Burial. This means that for a period of 75 years only the registered holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial has the automatic right to be buried in the grave and that the registered owner is the only person who can authorise the burial of someone else in that grave space or apply to erect a memorial over the grave.  The Exclusive Right of Burial forms part of an individual’s estate and can be inherited or bequeathed as part of that estate.  Proof of inheritance or bequest must be provided to the Clerk to Westbourne Cemetery in order to transfer the ownership of this right.  The Exclusive Right of Burial is limited to a maximum of 100 years after the first burial after which time the ownership of the grave automatically reverts to Westbourne & Southbourne Joint Burial Committee.