Memorials may be erected on graves if the Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave has been purchased.  Any monument or memorial erected in the Cemetery remains the property and responsibility of the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave or their personal representative and therefore remains in the Cemetery at the sole risk of, and must be kept in good state of repair, by the said owner or personal representative.  No memorial can be erected on any grave without the prior approval of the Clerk.  The application to erect a memorial, to place a new memorial or vase, to alter or add to any inscription, to refurbish or re-fix or replace an existing memorial, or to add to or remove any memorial must be made in writing on the correct form provided by the Cemetery Office and signed by the registered owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial. The regulations relating to memorials in Westbourne Cemetery are detailed in Rules and Regulations of Westbourne Cemetery.

The Committee reserves the right to exclude any memorial that would in any way disfigure the Cemetery or one which is considered unsuitable in design.  It also reserves the right to refuse any inscription which it considers may cause offence.

All memorials erected shall be kept in good repair by, and at the expense of, the owner.  Memorials placed within the lawn section must not exceed 3ft x 2ft 6ins x 6ins. Memorials placed within the cremated remains section must not exceed 18ins x 15ins x 2ins. All memorial headstones erected must, on the reverse of the base, show the grave number and the trade name (only) of the stonemason/funeral director installing the stone.  The lettering used must be 13mm (1/2”) uniform height and placed on the left hand side of the base, 150mm (6”) above ground level.

Fixing Memorials

The Committee have introduced an approved list of memorial masons. Only memorial masons on the approved list of memorial masons are permitted to carry out works on memorials, including installations and repairs.  In order to be included on the approved list, memorials masons need to be either registered on the Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers (RQMF), or with BRAMM (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons) and to provide relevant certification including certificate of compliance with BS8415:2018 for their fixing methods used for memorials and copies of their public liability and professional indemnity insurance certificate. Once these have been received and are to the satisfaction of the Committee then this person or company will be entered onto an approved list which will be reviewed annually.  This is to ensure that good standards of workmanship are achieved and work is carried out in a safe and considerate manner. It is desirable that works should be carried out in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) Recommended Code of Working Practice.

Statutory inspections and testing of memorials will be carried out periodically in line with the recommendations of the Health and Safety Executive. If any are found to be in an unsafe condition the Committee will place a notice on the memorial and will then contact the memorial owners in order that they can rectify any problems.  Should the Committee be unable to establish contact with an owner the Committee will make the memorial safe or undertake such other remedial action to remove the danger as necessary.  Memorials will only be laid down when it is considered that there is an immediate and genuine risk to health and safety, and this will be done with the utmost care and respect. 

The Committee has a responsibility to make sure memorials are safe but it is the holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial who has a legal responsibility to maintain and repair any memorial.