The Neighbourhood Plan

The made Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2015 is the culmination of two years work by the Parish Council, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the residents of the Parish.

The sites that were chosen for new housing were only those that meet the criteria of sufficient infrastructure to support them and they are currently being developed.

Every effort will be made to ensure developers provide the infrastructure required to make the new housing sites acceptable, including satisfactory drainage, open space within the sites (including the Green Ring), and fund the services that will be needed by new residents.

With a 'made' Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council will not be entering into discussions with developers regarding further housing sites at this time but developers may want to be aware of the Council's policy on Early Discussions with Developers for future reference.

 Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan Review

Landowners with land in the Parish suitable for development should read this notice.

Annual Monitoring Report

The Parish Council is required to send an Annual Monitoring Report on the Neighbourhood Plan to Chichester District Council and these are set out below.