Planning Applications

Chichester District Council is responsible for determining all planning applications in the District. Southbourne Parish Council is a 'statutory consultee' on applications made in the parish of Southbourne. The Parish Council's Planning Committee will normally consider applications on a three week cycle to meet the statutory deadline in which to make comments to the District Council. The Parish Council's responses to those applications can be found in the Planning Committee minutes and on the District Council's Planning Portal where you can also find more information about those applications. By registering to use the Portal you can also submit your own comments on applications directly to Chichester District Council.

From time to time, applications are made for 'major' developments (more than 10 dwellings) in the parish and if any new ones from 2018 onwards are made they will also be highlighted here. Major housing developments in accordance with the made Neighbourhood Plan have already received planning permission and are either already completed, underway or about to start in the next few months. It is not therefore anticipated that in the short term that there will be any new major applications.