Southbourne's "Green Ring"

Green Ring sign

During the life of the current Neighbourhood Plan, Southbourne Parish Council will be taking the first steps towards the development of a continuous footpath to the north of the A259, the 'Green Ring' around the village. 

In the long term this is not just a footpath around the village. The intention is to have nature observation, recording and photographic areas; activity and children's play stations; seating with disabled and wheel chair access areas, etc. There are many existing footpaths and we aim to join them up, making an interesting area, safeguarding a green ring to the north of the A259. Where possible we will be planting trees and developing green "corridors" to enable wildlife to move around the area. All this is going to take some time and it will be an ongoing project, so we need many people to get involved.  The District and Parish Council's have negotiated the provision for the Green Ring with the developers and the first three elements have been agreed:

The Public Art contribution made by the developer of the Parham Place development was used with the agreement of the District and Parish Councils to provide several features on this first new section of the Green Ring. A story teller’s chair and benches were installed for use by the public, especially children, and a purpose designed arch was commissioned from Alex Smith (Chalkpit Forge, Amberly) to mark the entry to the Green Ring. The development complied with the SPNP (Policy 2 - III). Native species have been planted to supplement the existing hedgerows. 

 The Priors Orchard development will include a pedestrian through route to Inlands Road and land is being passed to the Parish Council for the potential southern leg of the pedestrian footbridge over the railway line and for a link to the railway station. A central open space with an equipped childrens’ play area and informal open space will all form part of the Green Ring.

The development on the Land at Alfrey Close will include a wildlife buffer along the western edge of the site that includes an attenuation pond and an area for planting with native trees, a pedestrian access through to Garsons Road with additional open space, a children's play area and 14 allotments.  

If you are interested or would like to know more please do get in touch:

Parish Councillors Bill Ferguson and Jonathan Brown or via the Clerk to the Council or telephone 01243 373 667.