Westbourne & Southbourne Joint Burial Committee

Westbourne and Southbourne Parish Councils exercise their joint burial authority powers through Westbourne & Southbourne Joint Burial Committee with Southbourne Parish Council as the ‘host’ authority for administrative purposes.  The Joint Burial Committee comprises four elected members from each Parish Council.  The Committee is responsible for facilitating the burials which take place at Westbourne Cemetery, maintaining the cemetery and cemetery buildings, the rental of Cemetery Lodge and the upkeep of cemetery records.  Meetings of the Joint Burial Committee are held at least four time per year.

The Agenda and Minutes of the Joint Burial Committee meetings can be found on the agenda and minutes page of this website.

Westbourne & Southbourne Joint Burial Committee operates from the Cemetery Office within the Southbourne Parish Council Offices which are located at Southbourne Village Hall, First Avenue, Southbourne, PO10 8HN.

Tel: 01243 373667

Email: jbc@southbourne-pc.gov.uk

Annual Reports

Westbourne Cemetery

Westbourne Cemetery is located along Cemetery Lane on the northern edge of the village of Westbourne (Latitude: 50.86258 Longitude: - 0.91839).  Burials first started at this location towards the end of the nineteenth century.  Whilst primarily for the interment of those people who have been resident during their lifetime in the Parishes of either Westbourne or Southbourne, it is open to non-residents as well.  The remaining capacity of the current area of the Cemetery for new plots for burials is becoming limited, however use of the Cemetery extension is due to commence in 2021.

Westbourne Cemetery is open for visitors between sunrise and sunset.

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Westbourne Cemetery Regulations

Westbourne & Southbourne Joint Burial Committee’s Cemetery Regulations form the basis for the proper control and management of Westbourne Cemetery and are designed to ensure a pleasant environment and ease of maintenance.